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PRE-ORDER Officially Licensed: Courts of Prythian Brooches (Individual)

PRE-ORDER Officially Licensed: Courts of Prythian Brooches (Individual)

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    Officially Licensed Sarah J Maas Designs

    This is a listing for individual Court Brooches.

    Only Summer & Autumn are released today. The 3 Solar Courts will be released in the next Collection, followed by Winter & Spring in the following Collection.

    Should you wish to pre-order the full set, please click here.

    These are limited run brooch design. Only 10 of each individual Court will be made. 5 of each individually, and 5 of each in a Full Set. A numbered Limited Edition Proof Card will accompany your brooches.

    Size: Approx. 5cm x 8cm

    Features: Each brooch representation of a Court of Prythian is depicted in the most beautiful acrylics, designed to show off key features of each fae Court. All Courts are framed with shining mirror in various colours.

    Summer Court: A rounded-arch gold mirror frame surrounds a depiction of the half-moon bay of Adriata. Swirling jewel-blue sea, framed by golden glitter sand under a shining orange sun in a blue sky.

    Autumn Court: An autumnal feast for the eyes in vibrant orange marbles, glitters & mirrors. Featuring a beautiful fox (I choose to think of him as Lucien!) in front of the lands, waters & trees edging The Forest House.

    Winter Court: A frosty and beautiful depiction showing of iridescent falling snowflakes. A carved sleigh sits atop a swirling, white marble snow surrounded by a shining silver mirror frame.

    Spring Court: An abundance of fresh & soft coloured flowers, beside lush green hills and streams. The rich teal mirror frame surrounding this scene finishes off the perfect Spring day.

    Dawn Court: Framed with a soft rose-gold mirror, every Dawn sky is unique, with a blend of peaches, lavenders, whites and golden streaks. Rich green hills surround one of Dawn's sparkling rivers. The clockwork cogs are a representation of the cleverness of the Dawn Courts people.

    Day Court: Each bright sun in the Day court is unique with it's orange, red and yellow swirls. The white marble library, gilded with golden accents, holds a book for each Court.. and one for the Suriel. A rich gold mirror frame finishes this library under the sun.

    Night Court: A stunning textured iridescent Ramiel sits below the most beautiful sparkling blue night sky. The three stars, a silver mirror, glittering above, and surrounded by an arched silver mirror frame.

    Brooch Backs: A 33mm roller-pin brooch back just above halfway on the back of the castle.

    Shelfie Stands (Optional): Each of the Courts of Prythian Brooches can sit in a custom-designed clear acrylic stand. These stands allow your Courts to be displayed on your bookshelves when not being worn. Each Court Stand includes an etched nameplate on the front.

      Variations of colour & pattern in some acrylics makes each brooch unique and individual.

      From A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas, © 2015. Artwork by Jemina Venter / Fictional Alchemy. Created with permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for the author.

      Designed & hand-made by Jemina Venter

      Design & Illustration © Fictional Alchemy 2024

      Shipping details

      Designs Marked as Pre-Order: Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing before shipping.

      In-Stock Designs: Please allow 3-5 days for processing before shipping.

      Any designs that fall outside of these time-frames, e.g. Event Pickup, will be specified in the listing above.


      Jewellery: Your Fictional Alchemy piece is a wearable piece of art, and a fragile one. Please don't drop it; acrylic can snap if dropped on a hard surface. Most of our designs are hand-painted and don't take kindly to water. Don't get them wet. Don't feed them after midnight. (That last one is negotiable.. unless it's a mogwai :p) If you need to clean your acrylic jewellery, gently use a soft cloth.

      Each of my designs are made from scratch here at Fictional Alchemy HQ. From the initial sketching of the design, choosing the perfect acrylics, before laser cutting and assembly here in my home studio, North of Brisbane. Our pieces use high quality surgical steel and stainless steel parts & chains. As each design is handmade, like a little piece of wearable or usable art, your creation may vary in some ways including variations in the acrylic patterning, and colour print variation from what you see on your screens.

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