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Thank you so much for your order & support. For loving the pieces that I design and make enough to want to buy a little piece of Fictional Alchemy!

Formerly Booknerdfangirl

If you follow us online, you will have noticed that Booknerdfangirl has turned the page into a shiny new chapter; Fictional Alchemy. We could not be more excited to share this next part of our story with you, our fantastic community!

branding & your order

While we transition into our new brand, you may notice some Booknerdfangirl branding in your orders. We would hate to waste pre-printed packaging, so until we’ve run out of our Booknerdfangirl backing cards & paper, please excuse the mixed branding.

You may also find that similar announcements may come in the form of a QR code in your order to scan and read announcements on our website. I love pretty packaging as much as the next person, but on our journey to become more eco-friendly, we're taking up the challenge to share marketing digitally instead of printed where possible.

coming soon

2022 is a completely new challenge in time management for Fictional Alchemy; splitting my time between home education of our son and everything that is Fictional Alchemy. While releases may be 2-3 months apart, I will continue to create the beautiful literary brooches & bookends that you have come to expect.

Our next few collections include some of my favourite themes and I cannot wait to start revealing the next one in March! Make sure you're following us on Instagram @fictionalalchemy & signed up to our newsletter to stay up to date on all new releases!