Custom Bookstack Brooch


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Next Open Date: February 1st & 2nd 2022

Wearable stack of your favourite novels!


Stack ‘Em Up!

Enter your short book titles, author names (20 characters including spaces, Books #4 & #5 can fit longer titles, up to approx 40 characters each, across 2 lines), or one long book title to be split across 5 books!

Rearrange My Books

Tick this if you are happy for me to arrange your book titles in a way that best fits the book spines! Leave unchecked if you want to keep your books ordered as listed above!

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Size:                         Approx. 5cm x 5.5cm

Material:               3.2mm beautiful matte metallic colours in Antique Gold on Black acrylic, Silver on Black acrylic or Bronze on Black acrylic.

Made To Order:   This brooch is a custom order. Please allow up to 5 business days for it to be created before being posted

Customisation:   You choose:⁠

⚡ The colour of your Bookstack Brooch
⚡ Up to 5 Book Titles/Author Names to fill the covers.⁠ (2 of the book spines are too small & awkwardly angled to include text)⁠. Please submit your list in the order you want, or tick the option for me to lay out the titles/names as best fit aesthetically. Any blank spines will be filled with a pretty swirl as pictured.
⚡ The fonts are pre-selected per book spine as pictured.

Care:                     Your brooch are a wearable piece of art, but a fragile one. Please don’t drop it. Acrylic can snap if dropped on a hard surface. Most of our designs are hand-painted and don’t take kindly to water. Don’t get them wet. Don’t feed them after midnight. (That last one is negotiable.. unless it’s a mogwai :p) If you need to clean your jewellery, use a soft cloth.

Each of my designs are made from scratch here at Booknerdfangirl HQ. From the initial sketching of the design, choosing the perfect acrylics, before laser cutting and assembly here in my home studio north of Brisbane. Our pieces use high quality surgical steel and stainless steel parts & chains. As each design is handmade like a little piece of wearable art, your creation may vary in tiny ways. You can be assured that I will not release a Booknerdfangirl design into the wild without being absolutely delighted at the finished piece you will receive!

Every Booknerdfangirl piece is handmade with love & joy for the craft, the books & the fandoms!

Design © Booknerdfangirl

As you may be aware, postal services in most countries are experiencing significant delays. With reduced numbers of flights leaving Australia due to border closures, delivery delays can be up to 3 months. This is due to Covid 19 and is out of our control. Please be aware of this before placing your order. Thank you 🙂