Official BABE 2023 Signature Book Box


A magical memento to store your memories and swag from the fantastical Ballgowns & Books Event 2023

Fictional Alchemy will be donating 10% from each BABE Signature Book Box sold to Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands, the BABE 2023 chosen charity to support!
The BABE 2023 Signature Book Box has been given a fantasy tome look, with a metallic-look spine and BABE 2023 logo plaque and is larger than the original. This design has been elevated to now be a drawer opening that latches closed securely with a hidden magnet clasp inside! The inner drawer can store as much swag & BABE memorabilia as you can collect from your favourite authors & vendors! 
These are hand ink-stained in our home-studio before laser cutting & assembling. Due to the hand-painted nature of the wood, please allow for some variance in colour tone. Each BABE Signature Book Box also comes with a bonus metallic Sharpie Fine Point marker. These have been tried & tested on our Book Boxes with no bleeding or smudging, and dry immediately.
Tickets to BABE are available here



Size:                         Outer dimensions approximately 22.5cm x 21 cm x 5cm
                                Inner dimensions approximately 20cm x 17cm x 4cm

Material:               Made from MDF with an ink-stain hand-painted over it. Contains a hidden magnet latch to securely close the drawer. A metallic Sharpie is included with each Signature Book Box.

Made To Order:   These BABE 2023 Signature Book Boxes are made-to-order.

Important Dates:   The first round of BABE 2023 Signature Book Boxes will ship by September 1st, 2022.
                                  International shipping orders close date: February 28th, 2023
                                  Domestic shipping orders close date: March 31st, 2023
                                  Pick up at BABE orders close date: April 16th, 2023

Care:                     Your Signature Book Box is a functional piece of art, but a fragile one. Please don’t drop it. MDF joins can snap if dropped on a hard surface. Most of our designs are hand-painted and don’t take kindly to water (especially the wood!). Don’t get them wet. Don’t feed them after midnight. (That last one is negotiable.. unless it’s a mogwai :p) Please test your preferred marker on the inside of your Signature Book Box before using on the cover. Sharpie Fine Point markers have been tested and do not bleed when used to write on this Signature Book Box.

* Please note that FREE shipping does not apply to Signature Book Boxes.

Each of my designs are made from scratch here at Fictional Alchemy HQ. From the initial sketching of the design, choosing the perfect materials, before laser cutting and assembly here in my home studio north of Brisbane. Our pieces use high quality surgical steel and stainless steel parts & chains. As each design is handmade from painting to assembly, your creation may vary in tiny ways, such as colour-tone. You can be assured that I will not release a Fictional Alchemy design into the wild without being absolutely delighted at the finished piece you will receive!

Every Fictional Alchemy piece is handmade with love & joy for the craft, the books & the fandoms!

Design © Fictional Alchemy

As you may be aware, postal services in most countries are experiencing significant delays. With reduced numbers of flights leaving Australia due to border closures, delivery delays can be up to 3 months. This is due to Covid 19 and is out of our control. Please be aware of this before placing your order. Thank you 🙂